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Pseudo-VPN for SmartServers

One of the disadvantages that SmartVPSs or SmartServers have compared to traditional dedicated servers is that you can't stick an ASA5505 (or some other hardware firewall) in front of it for VPN connectivity.

Many times, customers are looking to have some sort of internal site that they don't want being visible to the outside world. So how can we accomplish something like this without a VPN? Read below the fold to find out.


Load Balancing with Storm/SmartServers

One of the nice things about our cloud platform (Storm On Demand / Smart Servers) is the ability to easily provision load balancing between nodes. This can be used for a multitude of purposes, from increasing overall performance, to mitigating downtime due to server problems.

However, if you're considering going with a load balanced setup, there are a few key issues to be cognizant of.

More below the fold...


Upgrading from Legacy VPS to Smart VPS

One thing that customers of our Legacy VPS product will have noticed is that CentOS 4 will be End Of Life come February 2012. While this doesn't mean that the server will stop working for them, it means that new patches will not be released, thus potentially exposing the customer to security vulnerabilities as they become known.

While this might cause some initial concern, the solution really isn't that hard. Upgrading to Liquid Web's Smart VPS and migration the data can be a relatively easy process!

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