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Upgrading from Legacy VPS to Smart VPS

One thing that customers of our Legacy VPS product will have noticed is that CentOS 4 will be End Of Life come February 2012. While this doesn't mean that the server will stop working for them, it means that new patches will not be released, thus potentially exposing the customer to security vulnerabilities as they become known.

While this might cause some initial concern, the solution really isn't that hard. Upgrading to Liquid Web's Smart VPS and migration the data can be a relatively easy process!

Step 1 - Log into https://manage.liquidweb.com

The first step is to log into the management interface with your credentials. When you log in, you will see something similar to this:

Step 2 - Create the Smart VPS

The great thing about Smart VPS is that you as the customer have the ability to create and destroy instances as you need to. Just click the create button in the top left:

Then select Smart VPS:

Then enter the information. Note that most people would enter host2 for their hostname. So for example, if your domain is example.com, you would enter host2.example.com:

Step 3 - Open a migration ticket

Once your server has been created, just open up a ticket with our Heroic Support to start the migration process:

Step 4 - Close your old VPS

When the migration process is complete, just let us know so that we may terminate your Legacy VPS.


Migrating from your Legacy VPS as you can see is an easy process! But of course if you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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  1. I did this over the summer. It’s really stupid easy and it’s really painless. The only worry you MIGHT have is if, like me, you tweaked the heck out of your apache install. I was able to easily re-do everything, and this time I documented it.

    • Ipstenu,

      Thanks for dropping a comment!

      That’s why one thing our migrations team will do is ask questions to ensure that we are tracking all customizations that need to be replicated over to the new VPS.

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