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Complex Setups

One thing that many customers do is going with a more "complex setup" - a setup which involves things such as load balancing, separate database servers, etc. This allows for the mitigation of downtime given the inherent redundancy.

However there are many things that must be considered when looking at these more complex solutions. This includes software architecture, level of experience for the customer in running these setups, etc.

Liquid Web has a page that offers links to pre-configured solutions. For customers that know exactly what they need and how to setup their particular configuration, these links are a great way to quickly order the hardware.

However, for those who aren't quite sure of what they need, or need some assistance with configuring their setup, it is best to contact a Liquid Web sales engineer. The sales engineer will help determine a configuration that will work best for your needs.

For example, do you need your static content to instantaneously become available to all load balanced nodes? Do you upload content through a content management system such as WordPress (such as images or other files)? If so, then you would most likely want some kind of shared storage solution, such as our SAN. Do you manually upload content via FTP/sFTP and only need it pushed through the load balanced pool in non-realtime? Then an rsync solution would work fine from a master. The moral of the story (Aesop really ran a hosting company back in Ancient Greece) is that it is best to consult with one of our sales engineers to determine what solution is best for your hosting needs.

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